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Module names

This is a summary of names that should not be used for new modules. The list includes modules native to Lua, modules included with luacheia, and modules that might be compatible with luacheia now or in the future. The list also includes global symbols likely to be defined by a Lua interpreter, and reserved words in the Lua language.

In alphabetical order, case-insensitive:

assert Lua
bit Module: bit manipulation
cgi Module: HTTP CGI facilities
cheia Module: LuaCheia implementation
collectgarbage Lua
coroutine Lua library
debug Lua library
do Lua
dofile Lua
end Lua
error Lua
for Lua
fs Module: generic portable file-system routines
function Lua
fuzzy Module: approximate string-matching
gcinfo Lua
getfenv Lua
getmetatable Lua
gluahost Module: for loading Gluax modules (e.g. SDL)
if Lua
include Lua
io Lua library
ipairs Lua
loadfile Lua
loadlib Lua
loadstring Lua
local Lua
luacom Module: COM implementation
mapm Module: Mike's Arbitrary Precision Math Library
math Lua
md5 Module: MD5 digest computation
next Lua
newproxy Lua
os Lua
pack Module: binary packing
pairs Lua
pcall Lua
pcre Module: Perl-compatible regular expressions
posix Module: POSIX facilities
print Lua
rawequal Lua
rawget Lua
rawset Lua
require Lua
return Lua
rex Module: POSIX regular expressions
setfenv Lua
setmetatable Lua
SDL Module: Simple DirectMedia Layer
shelve Module: serialization of Lua tables
socket Module: networking sockets
sqlite Module: lightweight SQL db
string Lua library
table Lua library
then Lua
tonumber Lua
tostring Lua
type Lua
unpack Lua
while Lua
wx Module: wxWindows GUI layer
xpcall Lua

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Module Reference

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